RAINHA VL2500 – Capoeira Shoes – Black and White

75.00$ 68.00$

A new 2020 Model of RAINHA Capoeira Shoes – The most popular Capoeira Shoes in the world – outside of Brazil – only at ZumZum Capoeira Shop!


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  • 33BR (35EU)
  • 34BR (36EU)
  • 35BR (37EU)
  • 36BR (38EU)
  • 37BR (39EU)
  • 38BR (40EU)
  • 39BR (41EU)
  • 40BR (42EU)
  • 41BR (43EU)
  • 42BR (44EU)
  • 43BR (45EU)
  • 44BR (46EU)


RAINHA shoes are made in Brazil, and are the most desired Capoeira shoes in the world, and not for no reason – anyone who experienced them claims they are the most comfortable Capoeira shoes out there.

made in brazil - sold by ZumZum Capoeira Shop

The RAINHA model VL2500, is light weight, slip-free, durable, easy to clean and beautifully designed for all your every day needs, not only for Capoeira. It ascutally became famous as a Volleyball shoe in the 70s and the 80s…and only later became a hit with Capoeristas.

Your pair of RAINHA will look great also with Jeans, or any other casual look, so you won’t need to take them off


  • Color: Black and White
  • Materials: Synthetic Upper
  • Sole: Recycled Rubber
  • Origin: Made in Brazil
  • Uses: Everyday, walking, work, tennis, valleyball, Parkour, martial arts, Capoeira!!!
  • Main Benefits: Comfortable, Anti-Slip, Durable, Light Weight, Washable

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