Tips To Choose Capoeira Clothing

Capoeira is a popular sport that has gained immense popularity in recent years. Capoeira is an amalgamation of fight and dance and is considered a unique sport that was created by African slaves living in Brazil. It is not just a simple fitness workout. You can get insights into the Brazilian culture as you start doing Capoeira. When you learn the history behind this sport, you start loving the game even more.

One important aspect of Capoeira is the clothing that capoeiristas wear. Capoeiristas clothes are not your regular sports clothes. So, meet out tips for choosing Capoeira clothing.

A white Tee-shirt is Capoeira essential

You will see a lot of white in capoeira outfits. Most of the time, capoeiristas wear white shirts while playing and practicing. White is the primary color of the capoeira uniform. The main aim of wearing a white-colored shirt is the symbol of purity and today it could be to clearly show the design and logo of the capoeira club of which a player is a part of.

Tip for choosing the right Capoeira Clothes for you

You can opt for cool customized printed designs

Even if you are not practicing Capoeira, you can consider wearing these t-shirts due to the comfort and cool designs these shirts offer. The design varies based on the club that they represent.

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Cotton vs synthetic material

Similarly, style or material also changes accordingly. Cotton shirts undoubtedly offer better comfort and style than the ones made of synthetic material. However, a synthetic t-shirt keeps you warmer or cooler that’s depends. Therefore, you need to choose the material accordingly. 

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Capoeira Trousers

The trousers worn by capoeiristas are made of soft and stretchable fabrics. Capoeira involves complex leg moves where and therefore, you need to wear clothes that are comfortable and can improve your performance.

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Pairing up a white t-shirt with a white pant

Those who want to feel and look like pro capoeiristas can opt for an abada. These are plain trousers that are usually worn by pro capoeiristas. The pants are generally worn in white, and therefore, they need to be frequently washed and cleaned.

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Ideally, capoeiristas don’t wear shoes while practicing. However, it doesn’t mean that you cannot style your capoeira outfit with a pair of shoes. Although Capoeira involves various moves that are performed best on barefoot. At times, capoeiristas wear shoes during their training sessions to prevent potential foot injuries. Capoeira shoes usually have flat soles as they help improve balance and move freely.

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