Our Berimbaus

The Berimbau is one of Capoeira’s main symbols and instruments. It gives sound and rhythm to the Roda. It lays the theme of the game.

Authentic Berimbau - International Shipping Included - ZumZum Capoeira Shop

At ZumZum Capoeira Shop, we take Berimabu making very seriously! 

All of our Berimbaus are completely hand made by us, from the moment the branch is being cut from the tree, to the “marriage” between the Cabaca and the Verga.

We play every Berimbau before shipping it, making sure it feels and sounds great!

We have all sizes of Cabacas, and we can pretty much make any type of Berimbau you want!

We also have a special Berimbau for Kids

We can also engrave your Capoeira Nickname on the Verga if you want! 

We’ll be happy to create your Dream Berimbau for YOU!