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Hi and Welcome!

We are ZumZum (pronounced "ZoomZoom") Capoeira Shop -  a family owned business, located in Israel, specializing in Brazilian Percussion and Capoeira instruments and clothing. 

We are Carlos - a Brazilian Capoeira Professor and Artisan, and Sharon - his lovely Israeli wife, who is a musician and a web designer.

Our goal is to provide capoerists and Brazilian percussion lovers, anywhere in the world, with everything they might need, at high quality, and honest prices.

We ship globally!

All of our items are either imported from Brazil, or, hand made by Carlos, who has been creating Berimbaus and Agogos for many years, for hundreds of happy Capoerists around the world.

We are an official distributer for LUEN PERCUSSION  -  One of Brazil's most popular percussion manufactorers, and so we offer a large selection of LUEN Pandeiros for you to chose from.

We also represent RAINHA Capoeira Shoes - our site it one of the only sites globally where you can buy RAINHA outside of Brazil.

Our Printed Capoeira T-Shirts have our own original designs, and are printed by the order, and our Capoeira Pants are of top quality and style, made especailly for us. 

We do everything ourselves, and each item is checked for perfection before being shipped to you!

If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, Send us mail to:
zumzumcap@gmail.com, or chat with us via our Facebook Page 

We'd be happy to read from you

Axe Capoeristas!
Sharon & Carlos Da Silva